Education & Research Topics

Ph.D. Candidate in Biology
Northern Illinois University, 2016 – Current
Supervisor: Dr. Holly Jones
Dissertation title: Quantifying the effects of early competition on fitness and niche specialization: A natural experiment in a restored ecosystem
Synopsis: I am interested in how behavioral plasticity of closely related seabird species reduces competition and enables them to coexist as breeders at recently restored islands in New Zealand. [Proposal abstract]

Master of Science in Biology
University of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus, 2014 – 2016
Supervisor: Dr. Heather Major
Thesis: Movement, colony attendance, and social behaviour of prospecting Least and Crested Auklets
Synopsis: I explored post-natal dispersal and recruitment decisions of Least and Crested Auklets. This study is the first to document differences in adult and subadult auklet behaviour and serves as a significant step towards understanding recruitment patterns of seabirds. [More]

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus, 2010 – 2013
Supervisors: Drs. Jennifer Arnold and Steve Oswald
Research topics: Canadian waterbird ecology, Northern Saw-whet Owl migration
Synopses: Summer research focused on terns in the Canadian Great Lakes, fall research focused on Northern Saw-whet Owl migrating through Pennsylvania. I developed and experimentally tested a field guide for estimating ages of Common Tern nestlings, assisted in documenting the first successful fostering of waterbirds across different taxonomic families at a mixed-species colony, and analyzed a 15-year dataset on migratory owls to examine morphological features and how these features relate to ecological parameters. [More]

For copies of papers, visit my ResearchGate and GoogleScholar profiles or email me. Additional components of my work can be found at my GitHub (under construction).