I work with undergraduate and highschool students who are interested in pursuing research projects.

Current Student Collaborators

IMG_6942Hailey Borden: Bird-Window Collisions at Northern Illinois University
(co-supervised with Heather Herakovich)
Hailey is documenting bird-window strikes that occur on NIU’s campus during fall migration. Specifically, Hailey’s project will be used to determine whether some bird species are disproportionally affected and what characteristics of buildings may be contributing to mortality rates.





Picture1Danielle Doll: Seabird Habitat Selection
Danielle and I explored vegetation survey data for islands in New Zealand. We investigated habitat associations for a suite of seabirds that are nesting on a restored island. You can find out more about our work here.



ISTC‘s Mentor Matching Engine
I work with 3 – 4 highschool students per spring semester. Students select their own environmentally-based research question and use scientific skills to answer their question.


Past Student Collaborators

IMG_3181Lucy Smith: Where have all the auklets gone? Sea surface temperatures as a factor in the reproductive failure of Crested Auklets on Gareloi Island in 2015. (BSc Hons supervised by Dr. Heather Major)



IMG_2180Jenna Donaldson: Age and gender roles in Crested Auklet (Aethia cristatella) return rates and colony attendance time budgets. (BSc Hons supervised by Dr. Heather Major)